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Killing Bear With Polar Extremes And Gold Medal Famous

Sat Nov 5th, 2016

Doors open: 6:00pm
Gig starts: 8:00pm
Entry: R18

Cover charge: $5.00

Come on up after the fireworks and git ya boogie on all for a fiver! Or half a beer!

Killing Bear!
Polar Extremes
Gold Medal Famous

Come on down for an eclectic mix of sound!

Killing Bear!
In the far distant future a mystical tribe on Mars use their psychic powers to travel back in time. They possessed the minds of a band of musicians with the aim to utilise their partytastic powers to correct the undoings of the past. Armed with nothing but drums, synths and amplified guitars the band was then able to transcend the barriers of space-time. With the power of music they travelled back a millennia and stopped a devastating event in our history. This event now never occurred because we are living in a parallel future to the one in which it happened. Now in 2016 the next catastrophic event is just around the corner and we need you to party hard to help stop it from ever happening. Killing Bear! Psychedelic futuristic music from the past from another planet.

Polar Extremes:
Psychedelic Noir Pop.
Sharp song writing meets a mysterious time traveling mix of acoustic/organic playing and technological jiggery pokery.
Morrissey on acid surfing the dark web.
Drums, keys, vox, guitar, & upright bass.

Gold Medal Famous:
Gold Medal Famous is a three piece avant-garde electropop act formed in Wellington in 2008. They have released 4 albums and an EP on Powertool Records (an Auckland based indie label). They've also recorded a whole of other songs in a huge variety of genres that you can get on their bandcamp page.

Gold Medal Famous shows are wild. They create a binary reaction in audiences. You either love them or hate them. Gold Medal Famous have taken their antics nationwide and have crossed the ditch twice to play Melbourne in winter 2015 and summer 2016.

When they are not disturbing audiences or recording, Gold Medal Famous enjoy reading quality fiction and non-fiction, Ask them for a recommendation.

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