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Modular Autumn

Sat Apr 8th, 2017
Pyramid Club,

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The next installment of the Modular series: Modular Autumn featuring performers from Poland, Australia and New Zealand.

Radek Rudnicki - Looping Networks (Poland)
Improvised and generative live set linking programmed structure and generative networks of loops made on the modular synthesizer. Loops create dense textures, glitches and abstract beats are generated live with synthesizers and sampled into the drum machines. Piece is combining controlled improvisation with generative music, creating rhythmic grooves out of programmed semi-random generative patches. Loop based, carefully designed to micro level drum machines grooves are collided with modular synthesizer sounds. Music reminiscences ambient, dub and bass heavy electronica, however is not falling into any of the mainstream genres.

Michael McNab a.k.a. Wumpy the Web Browser
Wumpy is the recording and performance project of Melbourne sound/performance artist Michael McNab. His work could be described as part audio-visual collage, part reductionist listening, part anti-virtuosic DJ set, part surrealist extra-/meta-musical performance. For Modular Autumn he will present a new piece for laptop on the floor facing the audience, prepared speaker, desklamp, sunglasses and custom T-shirt. Sonically, one can expect a reduced collage of disparate elements: rap documentary, field recordings, sine tones, phasing pulses, japanese ads and Sumatran pop music... and perhaps a silent or invisible meeting point between them all.

Dick Whyte and Svenda Strom (New Zealand)
A short set of folk songs accompanied by home-made noise makers belonging to the Wellington Music Electronics Library. All effects units are available to borrow by joining the Library, which is open between 4pm and 6pm on Saturdays at The Pyramid Club. More information and an inventory is available here:

Seletive Yellow (New Zealand)
Selective Yellow are Chris Wilson and James Noble, an experimental improvising electronic music duo based in Wellington, New Zealand, drawing on New Zealand's heritage of experimental music practice. Selective Yellow performances employ a number of different synthesizers or sound generators, ranging from digital toys (Kaosscilators, Buddhamachines, littleBits), theremin to modular analogue and MIDI digital synthesizers, played with a variety of controllers (wind
controllers, monome grids, knob boxes etc).

alternative, art/noise, country/folk, dj, electronic, Radek Rudnicki - Looping Networks, Michael McNab a.k.a. Wumpy the Web Browser, Dick Whyte, Svenda Strom, Selective Yellow

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