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A Low Hum Xmas Party 2004

Sat Dec 18th, 2004

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What the Hell! An Australian band headlining an A LOW HUM Tour! A free DVD at every show! Has A LOW HUM gone nuts

Its Christmas. The silly season. As such, I’ve gone a wee bit overboard with this month’s tour.

The surprise hit of last years Big Day Out, I have been champing at the bit to bring them over for a pub tour all year. I’ve been hanging out to see them at some intimate shows and now is the time. Absolutely electrifying live, their latest album Bad Blood is one of my favourite albums of the year and blurs the line so magnificently between indie electronica, punk and new wave. Gerling are no shit, the shit. So do not miss out.

Following the fine tradition of nationwide tours every month, this is no exception and The South Island will not miss out on this incredible international act. Gerling will be playing at all the shows.

Since its Christmas, I have decided to sweeten the deal and instead of a compilation CD coming with this months A LOW HUM, it comes with a special DVD of 20+ fantastic New Zealand music videos, this is a must have DVD and is only available at these shows.

I have put together some incredible lineups ALL over the country. Calling in some of my favourite bands old and new, we’ve got great party’s happening.

Wed 15h. In asscociation with R1. Tickets from Arc Cafe
Arc Cafe, Dunedin. Early Show! Doors open at 8pm

Dead C
Operation Rolling Thunder
Rory Storm and the Invaders

Thur 16h. In association with RDU. Tickets from Galaxy Records
Jetset Lounge, Christchurch. Early Show! Doors open at 8pm

The Shocking Pinks
The Undercurrents
The Leper Ballet

Fri 17th. In Association with Radioactive. Tickets from Slowboat Records. Indigo Bar, Wellington

The Inkling
Venturas (Ex-Marystaple)
The Mysterious Tapeman

Sat 18th. In Association with FleetFM. Tickets from Bunny Boutique
Kings Arms, Auckland

Die! Die! Die!
The Coolies
The Fanatics
The Sneaks
The Secretaries
+ special performance from GoldenAxmas

Thanks heaps for all the amazing people all over the country who made these tours possible in 2004. All the peoples houses whose floors we slept on, those who fed and looked after us. The people who looked after the door for me so I could have a dance, the patient sound engineers, all the bands and of course Jack Daniels without whom this magazine nor these tours would be happening at all.

A LOW HUM will be back next year in Febuary. Merry Christmas.

alternative, Gerling, Die! Die! Die! , The Coolies , The Fanatics, The Sneaks, The Secretaries


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