Seven Quick Questions... E N T and Lafidki

Seven Quick Questions... E N T and Lafidki

By Jess Nicholson

Tuesday 22nd March, 2016 11:40AM

If you're in Wellington and not living under a rock, you're probably well familiar with Eyegum Music Collective. The collective started out in late 2014 throwing house parties, and have since put on dozens of all-inclusive events featuring artists from around the country and the globe - in all manner of venues. One of the collective's latest ventures is the weekly Eyegum Wednesdays held in partnership with local venue San Fran. Last week's show featured Upper Hutt musician E N T (Nathan Taare) alongside sound artist LAFIDKI (Saphy Vong), who hails from France/Cambodia. Eyegum volunteer Jess Nicholson had a chat with the pair following their Wednesday night jam, to dig a little deeper on what makes them tick...

So guys, ENT and LAFIDKI, tell me a bit about the sound you make and what inspires you?

N: the sound I make currently is kind of drone mixed with samples that Iíve recorded around the world in my travels. I kind of improvise about 90% of my set. Iím inspired by society. I love art and I treat music as a form of healing for myself.

S: Uh, my music, I donít knowÖ Itís a mixture Ė It changes every year. This year Iím inspired by my travels as my life is a bit nomadic. Iím really into a lot of industrial stuff and noise. In the beginning it was really ambientÖ

How do you like the Wellington music scene? How do you think it could be improved?

S: This is my second time in Wellington. Last year I played Valhalla, which is a metal club; I wasnít expecting it, but I ended up playing with some very talented artists - T.A.B, Brandon Sayring and, Mischancerie. It was a really great gig.

N: I love the music scene in Wellington. I like that there a lot of ďoutside of the boxĒ people. Itís really alternative...

S: I think musicians here take more risks...

N: Yeah, and I think the venue situation is good at the moment. In saying that, itís hard to run a bar these days and I guess thatís like, a political thing, and maybe that filters down to us as artists and not having anywhere to play Ė and thatís what Iíve really loved about Eyegum and its ďanything but a venue philosophyĒ. I think Wellington is great. I love it.

Saphy, you were born in France but have spent most of your time in Cambodia, what brings you to Wellington?

S: This year I am going to do a job residency in Dunedin until mid-May and then I will go to Auckland to start a new project with a friend as a duo.

Nathan, you recorded your EP CENTRAL COMPLEX in Mexico; what were you doing over there and did the culture of the country affect the sound you produced?

N: It definitely influenced the sound. I had always wanted to go to Mexico and I had an opportunity to go and do a lot of recording there. I was lucky to have a bit of equipment with me so I could record. I spent a lot of time finding sounds and audio, and I was recording a lot so I used them on my record and now I use them live - Iím lucky to be able to trigger those off on stage. Itís pretty turbulent in Mexico, there are a lot of clashing things and that really affected the sound. I guess it was quite dark in a way.

Tonight both of your visuals were provided by Lady Lazer Light, how do you find working with her and her art?

S: I used to make my own visuals, I donít anymore and I really like her work.

N: Iíve worked with Erica for a couple of years now. Iíve been a fan of her work since her days with Thought Creature - we started doing stuff together and now sheís always happy to come do visuals with my music and we work really well together, so, I kinda improvise and she kinda improvises and it all forms one really cool package.

Now for some serious questions; what are your favourite breakfast foods?

S: Woah, uh, this is basic. Okay, I have two. Mostly fruits and yoghurt, but there is also 'joke' from Thailand, itís like a rice porridge with meat and pepper and stuff.

N: I love congee. Itís like uh, similar to what Saphy described. Itís a Chinese rice porridge. You add things like coriander or soy or chilliÖ I love that.

And last but not least; do you prefer plain socks, patterned socks, or no socks at all?

S: [Laughs] Itís funny because in Cambodia itís very hot so we donít really need socks. Now that I am in New Zealand I donít have enough socksÖ Iíve worn the same pair for a while now and theyíre plain.

N: Iím a big fan of bare feet, but I when I do wear socks theyíre definitely patterned.

Here's the mind-melting video for 'Tamales' from E N T...

And here's a clip from Lafidki for 'I'm the Matador and You're the Basketball Player' from his split with Orphan Oliver...

Head over to the Eyegum Facebook page to stay up-to-date with Eyegum Wednesday parties. This week they are hosting Goya and Maple Syrup, head over here for more details.

You can catch Lafidki tomorrow 23rd March at Re Fuel in Dunedin, and then Thursday 24th March at the Darkroom in Christchurch. See below for details.

Photo by Duncan Gibson

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