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Video: Junica - Looking Out (UTR Premiere)

Video: Junica - Looking Out (UTR Premiere)

Friday 11th December, 2015 2:04PM

After unveiling the Kody Nielson-produced single 'Looking Out' last month Junica (aka Nik Brinkman) is now sharing the accompnaying video. Shot and directed by Brinkman himself, the concept came about from the Wellington artist's desire to make videos with no digital effects in them. He explains: "It's something I always try and avoid, just because I prefer the natural look of in-camera effects. So with this video I thought about the idea of creating moving paintings, to make the portraits come to life. And it is about being trapped inside the frame, looking out but not being able to escape. It's about fear getting the better of you at times. I also wanted to focus on people and their faces. I wanted to try something very simple yet engaging."

Brinkman plans to release a Junica EP in the near future, that will encompass songs quietly released last year, as well as some other "B-sidey ones". However his current focus is on developing the Ghostwriters Collective website, which will be a curated collective of musicians that can use the site as a platform to present and release new songs. Stay tuned for more on that, and in the meantime watch the video for 'Looking Out' below...


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