Stream Constant Pain's Unreleased Album

Stream Constant Pain's Unreleased Album

Wednesday 3rd February, 2016 11:34AM

An unreleased album from psychedelic rock duo Constant Pain has been unveiled online to pay tribute to New Zealand underground music mainstay Roddy Pain following his passing. The tape, which in true punk DIY fashion bears a tracklist written in blue biro, was loaded to Soundcloud yesterday by Alan Holt, who wrote: "RIP Roddy Pain. Here's side one of the unreleased Constant Pain album Roddy gave me a tape of a million years ago." 

The Auckland-based act was comprised of Roddy and Cameron Bain, who sadly passed away in 2014. The band is perhaps best known for the 1999 single 'Trail Of Destruction', which was recorded live at the Kings Arms Tavern and came out via local label Crawlspace on 7-inch backed by 'A Million Years'.

Pain also played in several other acts, including SnapperSupercar and Evil.

Roddy's funeral service is being held at 10.30am this Saturday 6th February at David Funeral home at 400 Dominion Road, Mt Eden, followed by a wake at Kings Arms Tavern.

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Please excuse the following petty rambling through a fog of constant constant constant constant wretched pain that started in June 2014 and now starts all over again.
But: another intact copy of 'Terminal Peace' existed! Thank you Alan. This is no 'curiosity', it's the most fierce & beautiful double album made by anyone in those years or any time nearby.*
And when onstage together Roddy and Cameron formed THE most formidable, most POSSESSED live thing I have ever seen. Together they entered another dimension altogether, beyond even the Fire of Love/Hate that CB lit under the Mean Streaks or RP under Evil.
These words have been used once before but won't be used again: Rage in peace Roddy, fill peace with rage. The world without you is the Basement of Hell.

[*PS. Incidentally it was never supposed to stay unreleased. At least the way Cameron told it, they sent the reel-to-reel master tapes off to a label in Ohio(?) that promptly disappeared, so that the music survived only on a few cassettes with individual handmade artwork made by Cameron or Roddy for each recipient. My copy was stolen c.2004 and I have pined for it ever since, but neither CB nor RP knew where any other could be found. (If anyone has a space to upload Cameron's artwork/sleeve notes, please reply to this and I'll try to send images.)
Not strictly a 'duo' recording either: most of the drumming here is by Greg Cairns, with Duane Zarakov and Sean O'Reilly also appearing. Other drummers included Steve Pikelet, Lance Strickland and in London Rohan Thomas.]

Posted by Matthew Hyland - anonymous 7 months ago
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whoa god damn
Posted by duane zarakov - anonymous 12 days ago

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