Video: Jenny Hval - Conceptual Romance

Video: Jenny Hval - Conceptual Romance

Thursday 1st September, 2016 1:23PM

In 2013 Jenny Hval released the captivating video for 'Innocence Is Kinky', a clip directed by Zia Anger that intimately explored the female body and ideas of sexuality within its 4 minutes and 27 seconds. Her new clip for 'Conceptual Romance' is another product of Anger, and picks up similar themes and, of course, utilises a similar aesthetic. There is plenty of vomiting blood, women in "skin suits" painted to look like nude bodies, and loads of dancing in the wilderness. In a press release Anger said of the clip:

To be reborn in a womb of dirt that once was a grave of death. When I was a tiny child I saw my mother do a performance piece where she wore a skin suit just like the ones in the video. It really disturbed me, to have others see my mother 'naked.' We've moved from complete and total censorship to a world where you can commodify your body if you resemble a certain ideal. Some people have a choice in this, others do not.

We found toy versions of some of the most oppressive, exclusive, phallic equipment there is (a drone and a steady cam) and decided to see what we could make with them.Let's unchain ourselves from our Instagram, our carefully curated images and self-commodification, trendy record labels, and fancy cameras.

The song comes from Hval's upcoming album Blood Bitch which is out late September via Sacred Bones Records. In the meantime check this out....