Video: Local Natives - Breakers

Video: Local Natives - Breakers

Wednesday, 28th November 2012 9:15AM

Remember a couple years ago when world music-infused alternative rock was starting to break? Local Natives, with their jazzy, earth-honouring album Gorilla Manor were at the forefront of that movement (just check out how many times they played South by Southwest 2010) and now they're back, in a saturated music world, with new album Hummingbird, due out in January next year. They've dropped the video for single 'Breakers' and while there are a few trees and what looks like a sandy beach, things are anything but happy-go-lucky. There's a bunch of creepy, masked dudes, a guy in a space outfit and a lot of people running away from things backwards. Take a look and try to figure out where Local Natives are going with all of this, below.

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Posted by Jon - anonymous 2 years ago

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