Interview: White Lung

Interview: White Lung

Tuesday 10th June, 2014 1:21PM

At first glance punk group White Lung might seem like it could easily fall under the umbrella of riot grrrl. The Vancouver-born band has all the hallmarks of the genre that originated in the early 1990s: feminist standpoints, thrashy musicianship, and an outspoken frontwoman in the lithe form of Mish Way. However comparisons to the influential movement gain a figurative eyeroll from the frontwoman. A writer in her own right, who is well-versed in speaking on sexuality and feminism, Way sees the comparision as “lazy journalism”, and recently tweeted: “Please stop calling my band "riot grrrrl". It's not 1992. I don't come from Olympia. It's 2014. I got my own thing. Thank you.”

The trio are set to hit these shores this week alongside newly formed supergroup Upset, for three epic gigs around the country, culminating in a big party in Auckland to celebrate the release of their new album Deep Fantasy. So we caught up with Way to have a chat about the upcoming release and where she sees her band sitting on the genre spectrum...

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