Lead Up To Laneway: Future Islands - 'Seasons' Live On Letterman

Lead Up To Laneway: Future Islands - 'Seasons' Live On Letterman

Tuesday 20th January, 2015 8:54AM

Despite having formed almost a decade ago and releasing three previous records, synth-pop trio Future Islands were thrown into the spotlight with breakthrough fourth album Singles last year. Although a top notch record, the Maryland group's sudden success also had a lot to do with their appearance on the Late Show With Letterman back in March, when frontman Samuel T. Herring revealed to the world his extraordinarily dynamic showmanship, which included death-metal growling, thumping his chest and dancing like a crab. The clip has since been watch more than three million times. Relive the magic below...

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I <3 this guy so much.
Posted by Laneway rules - anonymous 1 year ago

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