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Listen: Modest Mouse - The Best Room

Listen: Modest Mouse - The Best Room

Thursday 5th February, 2015 11:27AM

Washington outfit Modest Mouse have let loose 'The Best Room', the third single from their forthcoming album Strangers To Ourselves. Behind the bouncy rhythms the track is driven by lyrics that commentate on current the state of Western civilisation, such as: "To the empty balconies we serenade. All the playgrounds where them kids donít get to play. Dirty parkies went and chased them all away, to the game consoles to fatten". The cut follows on from new singles 'Lampshade On Fire' and 'Coyote', respectively, all adding up to give a good sample of what to expect from the new record, which is due out in March. Take a listen to 'The Best Room' below...


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