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Video: Dudley Benson - Muscles

Video: Dudley Benson - Muscles

Friday 5th June, 2015 10:01AM

Dudley Benson has unveiled the self-directed video for his brand new song 'Muscles'. Released earlier this week, 'Muscles' is the Dunedin-based musician's first original track since 2008. Writing for The Pantograph Punch, Benson says he began conceptualising the track back in 2012, drawing the seed of inspiration from the chorus of one of his earlier tracks 'Kiwi', the sample of which has been incorporated into 'Muscles'.

When it came to undertaking his directorial debut, Benson tried to keep his concept simple, aiming "to express the healing process that a relationship with nature can provide an individual". He adds: "Muscles is perhaps as close to self-helpy as I hope Iíll ever get. On a broader sense though, both in its technical makeup and its kaupapa, the song is also a bridge between Forest and my next record". Watch the intriguing video below...


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