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Video: Son Lux - You Don't Know Me

Video: Son Lux - You Don't Know Me

Tuesday 30th June, 2015 12:56PM

Last month Son Lux, which has expanded from a solo act to a trio, unveiled the spine-chilling single 'You Don't Know Me', and now the three-piece have release a high-production video for the song starring Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany. The song, which has been described by the band as "an open letter to anyone who misuses political and religious philosophies to subjugate and oppress their sisters and brothers", comes from the recently released album Bones.

The video, according to director Nathan Johnson, explores the song in terms of the empty rituals often seen in relationships. "We wrote the video specifically for Tatiana and designed everything around her performance. She’s such a phenomenal actor, and she brings something so compelling to the role – this powerful figure who is stuck in the vacancy of routines that have lost their meaning," he adds. Watch the striking clip below...


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