Album Review

Run Run Run/Males Males Males

Run Run Run/Males Males Males

by Males

Fishrider Records
7.5 / 10
5th December 2013

Reviewed by Hayden Pyke

Two Dunedin Males have come together under the gender banner in order to offer warm pop music ideal for summer. Their new nine track album is a stitching together of two E.P.s and a single, but it plays through as a cohesive album.

With melodic instrumentation as the foundation, Richard Ley‐Hamilton provides a layer of garbled vocals that surge into catchy choruses. The bright song writing is evident with sing-a-long standouts like 'Pre Pill' with its “ooh la la la” chorus and the infectious 'Lucky Too' and So High'. The propelling pop is at its peak on Weakness, with diversity in both tone and tempo.

Sam Valentine’s pumping bass complements the hazy guitar and the perky rhythms expertly creating layers of buoyancy. With rhythmic yet simple drumming throughout, this duo shows their class as pop curators of the Deep South alongside the likes of Two Cartoons and Trick Mammoth. The gusto of these songs, the vibrancy of Ley-Hamilton’s vocals and those sweet hooks all make this album a must listen.

So High
So High, by Males