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Marduk and Gorguts

Tour Information
New Zealand Underground Metal Fest featuring two headliners of blasphemous proportions:

MARDUK (Sweden) - Special Heaven Shall Burn set
GORGUTS (Canada)

Saturday 11th March – Auckland, Kings Arms
Sunday 12th March – Wellington, Valhalla


Marduk: Since coming into being in 1990, Sweden’s Marduk have unleashed and unholy 13 albums of scathing extremity and the utmost brutality. Regarded as one of the pioneers of black metal, their barbaric, unhinged and unrelenting live assault must be witnessed, if not survived. New Zealand is in the firing line to receive an unadulterated blast of caustic black metal with Marduk performing the Heaven Shall Burn set for the occasion.

Gorguts: Canada’s leading progressive and influential extreme metal pioneers will return to wreak havoc again! Remaining impervious to trends during two decades of constant musical upheaval, while simultaneously expanding and redefining the language of death metal, Gorguts attained a new level of pestilent fury on their latest album, Colored Sands…and followed it up with their mind bending new EP that comprises of a single 30min song - Pleiades’ Dust

To do justice to this occasion three of the finest local bands are supporting

Saturday 11th March – Auckland, The Kings Arms Tavern

Doors are early, 7pm, so don’t miss out on a truly unique festival.
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