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Kings Arms Sludgefest

Tour Information
Featuring Mothra, Greenfog, Ginzu and the Steak Knives, and Thousand Limbs.

Mothra blend elements of post metal, sludge, math metal, and psychedelic/progressive rock into their sound.

Greenfog play a unique brand of 'Forest rock, and fuzzy shoegazey doom.'

Ginzu : Do you like getting your skull caved in by heavy riffs' Do you like these riffs to be stuffed in to short catchy songs like a shotgun blast to the face'

Thousand Limbs are fresh on the scene from the scattered ashes of bands such as Rule of Thieves. They play instrumental doom, and this is their second show ever.

Pre sales are a meagre $10, doors at 8. Luscious merch available on the night, such as vinyl, CDs, and t shirts.