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The Jac Callum Passels Trio

Tour Information
The Jac is back!

After a year long hiatus, The Jac is back with more of the through-composed, cinematic prog-jazz that has made them a household name in several households around the country!

The 8-piece powerhoue is performing a very special concert in Auckland between Chamber Music New Zealand tour dates, in a run up to a collaboration with Korean traditional/fusion group Black String at the 2017 Wellington Jazz Festival. Expect classic hits from their albums Nerve and The Green Hour plus new material inspired by traditional Korean rhythms.

Lex French - trumpet
Jake Baxendale - alto saxophone
Chris Buckland - tenor saxophone
Julian Kirgan - trombone
Callum Allardice - guitar
Daniel Millward - piano
Nick Tipping - double bass
Shaun Anderson - drums

They are supported at Audio Foundation by the Callum Passels Trio:

‘If anyone harboured the briefest thought that this group should be cut some slack on account of age or experience, forget it. What we saw was a slick act, a great programme and the sort of discipline that generally comes with seasoned performers. This band did the business and they held us in the palm of their hand throughout.’

John Fenton: Jazz Local 32

Callum Passels - saxophone
Michael Howell - guitar
Tristan Deck - drums