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Wellington Jazz Festival: Rueben Bradley Trio Album Release Feat. Roger Manins

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Drummer and bandleader Reuben Bradley brings together serious heavy-weights of jazz Roger Manins (tenor sax) and Brett Hirst (double bass) as they officially launch their debut album as a trio.

Recorded last year after touring New Zealand, the music is deep, infectious and intense whilst always maintaining playful humour and conversation throughout. Featuring all New Zealand original jazz music, the band are proud to present the music first in Wellington. Special prices on the door for CDs - one night only!

They perform with a rare maturity and seriousness, yet manage to exude a spontaneity and playfulness at all times. This integration of seriousness and play results in a very rich experience that stands the test of repeated listenings.” John Psathas (2017)

Presented in association with Seresin.

Wellington Jazz Festival is on June 7-11.