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Wellington Jazz Festival: Melancholy Babes

Tour Information
The Melancholy Babes is a free-wheeling trio of Jeff Henderson (baritone, alto, C-melody saxophones), Tom Callwood (acoustic and electric bass), and Anthony Donaldson (drums). They will attempt to play a collage of every concert they have ever performed over the last 15 years.

“At times the band would mysteriously coalesce into a gentler incarnation of its wilder self and in this reflective space, miniatures or tiny motifs would be crafted. Perfect creations that stood apart, but somehow augmented the whole. I was surprised at just how drawn into the process I had become and others felt the same. We were hearing hints of something vaguely recognisable and intriguing.” John Fenton – JazzLocal32 (New Zealand jazz blog)

“This is wonderful music played by an amazing band, it’s unique in its conception. Feel free to dance to parts of it.”