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Jed Parsons + Hans Pucket

Tour Information
Jed Parsons & His Friends Tour comes to Wellington!

Having spent a number of weeks in our nation's capital recording his upcoming debut album at Surgery Studios, Wellington has become Jed Parsons' home away from home. Now, joined by Hans Pucket in a double-bill from heaven, Jed Parsons & His Friends are ready for their North Island debut.

With Matt Andrews (CHCH) on drums, Ed Zuccollo (WLG) on keys and Aaron Stewart (WLG) on bass, Jed Parsons & His Friends’ set swings from semi-eccentric pop-rock tunes, to acoustic ballads showcasing Parsons as the singer/songwriter he is.

Hot off their appearance at Cuba Dupa, Hans Pucket (known as a pop band made up of Callum Devlin, Oliver Devlin and Jonathan Nott) will be turning up as a 2 piece, playing their fresh and exciting garage set.