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The Four Horsemen

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In no particular order - Happy Hearse, Sexbeard, His Masters Voice, The Dirty Sweets

a face rotting night of uneconomic proportions. each sweat drop of energy combining to represent the immaculate art of skullduggery. beginning with a crotch throbbing furnace of disease and mutation, combining the energies of the abyss and beyond. then later we have the tickling yet balsamic smile of vex trotter and the maybees A.K.A who stole my toothbrush. but as we blow our way through this deadly pile of rubble you and your cronies will be interested to know the systemic slam of the decade has come to your town! they will enter unannounced somewhat unheard of and definitely forbidden. Treat yourself to the dank, inspiring, widowed slug - esk, gyrations of the nostradamus like marsupial loving, hair netted goat dribble.

Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton