Shana Grace and Nick Dow

Tour Information
Imagine this: It's Sunday, and you haven't quite come to terms with the end of the week. You are not ready for Monday and you don't want Sunday to end. What are you going to do'

Why not come and escape to Freida Margolis' Relax with a drink and hear two very unique Kiwi singer-songwriters show you a glimpse of their ponderings. It will be the perfect landing to your week, and a launching pad for the new one to follow.

The long time lover of singing and writing picked up a guitar and combined the two passions in 2010, creating a stripped back and quirky indie-folk sound.
Her lyrically driven songs are refreshingly honest as they are predominantly drawn from journal entries, and her vulnerability is vividly captured through her openness, confessions, explorations and wonderments.

Nick’s music is rich in striking honesty and stirring emotion. His soaring voice recalls Jeff Buckley and James Blake, yet also evokes the spirit of jazz.
With his debut album soon to be released, this special acoustic set will feature the sonorous sounds of a handpicked string trio (Charmian Keay, Pascal Roggen, and Tim Shacklock) & the mellifluously melodic Michael Howell on guitar.