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Being. 'High in Mind' Single Release

Tour Information
Auckland-based Indie-Pop artist Being. release's her debut single ‘High in Mind’ this October.

‘High in Mind’ is a smack in the face of colour and elation, cosmic synths and surf’d out guitars. It’s a zest drenched spirited acceptance of the awkward that comes with growing into ‘self’.

Being. will also release the first of a collection of zines of her poetry featuring a collaboration with artist Huia. All this before heading to Mexico for a short tour there.

Come boogie for the last time in ageeees.

Special guest performances from:
Naenae Express ~ Dreamy tunes of a cricket fiend. Kitch 'n Kiwi as.
Diego Rice ~ Gentle glitches, cathedral chimes and lo-fi beats melt together into a sea of soundscape.

Date: 19th October
Venue: Golden Dawn: Tavern of Power
Doors: 8pm