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Meterman formed in 1998, and from the beginning demonstrated a jarring blend of sonic rock music with angular outlines.
With complex time signatures impossibly melding into flowing groove, the band lulls an audience into a false sense of security before shattering it with sonic squalls and monster drums resulting in an intense live show from one of the hardest working bands in New Zealand.”

DARYL FINCHAM – Guitars, Vocals
WILLIAM WATERS – Bass, Synthesizers

Don’t be fooled by the old school, nu school, now school, this is music where the school lessons have been left at the door. A band that can share the stage with Hardcore acts/new wave/minimal experimental/singer songwriter even back up legendary front man “Damo Suzuki”[CAN] on his recent New Zealand Tour as “sound carriers”.
Could this work Well it does, and when Meterman are firing live on all cylinders one best brace themselves for a shock to the system.

This trio started out as Meterman in ‘98 but had a musical partnership spanning back to 1995. They have seen the musical climate shift, rear its ugly head and settle whilst never losing focus of the core principals of the band; a sharp focus on creating a live show like a samurai sword slicing its way through electrified pinhead sized wires. Daryl Finchams shimmering, angular guitars and angsty, rhythmic vocals mixed with Jasper De Roos’ hard as nails drums and Will Waters’ hypnotic pounding bass creates a minimal, paranoid take on punk which sets itself apart from the constant overload of the watered down music culture.

Meterman’s debut self produced album ‘The Silver Age’ was released in May 2001. This release saw tracks played on the BBC’s John Peel Show and was one of the most played New Zealand bands played on the BBC for 2002. Other recordings include the self-released “ZK-EP” (1999) and “City Hum 12” (2000), and a 12” split vinyl with the Chicago band Defender entitled “Hemispheres” (2002), which was released in September on American label Some Odd Pilot Records and Midium in New Zealand.

2002 also saw Meterman release their second studio album, “Reset Start Reset” which was nominated for "Best Rock Release" in the 2003 BNET Music Awards, and received praising reviews from some of New Zealand’s harshest critics…
“Repetitive, insistent drumming, hypnotic bass lines, layered washes of guitar -- lovely. Wind it up to No. 11. --Nick Gormack ****

May / June 2003 saw Meterman play their first live shows in Europe, America and England with dates in Chicago, London and Holland[State X Festival], and early in 04 attend the SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas. Meterman live shows are chaotic, unpredictable and a truly unique experience aimed to stunn and devour an audience.
“Meterman demonstated impeccable timing, powerful on-stage dynamics and poignant lyrical minimalism that only served to draw one's attention to their inventive and interesting song-structure.” Kings Arms August 1st The Package

“..high energy rock songs with robotic post-rock grooves and a nice dose of thrash.”
Aural innovations

“…an intriguing blend of New wave, punk, space electronics, and post-rock.”
Aural innovations

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