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About Mile High from Auckland

Mile High is a 5 piece rock band from Auckland, New Zealand who recently recorded their single, 'Now' with Andrew Buckton. Mile High was originally formed back in 2007 by Kevin Nolan (lead guitar) and Christopher Chamberlain (bass guitar). By the end of 2007, Aditya Maharaj (lead vocals) joined to start building a catalogue of music and an impressive live performance. After a few different band members and band names they decided to start with a fresh new sound. By the end of 2008, Paul Nolan (rhythm guitar) and Rad Jrad (percussion) joined the trio, essentially forming 'Mile High'. The band has an eclectic set of influences which include Sparta, At the Drive In, Interpol, Muse, Pearl Jam, Neil Young, Radiohead, A Perfect Circle, Queens of the Stone Age & Porcupine Tree.

Mile High has no affiliation to the club nor do they frequent aeroplane bathrooms...

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