The Enright House

The Enright House

About The Enright House from Christchurch

My life, my love, and my child, The Enright House was born in 2001
as a sleepy collection of field recordings and guitar loops in a
cramped university dorm room in Chicago. Although I spent most of my
life living in Europe and America, I currently reside in New Zealand.

Sonically, my music is constructed from various materials: a passion
for the derelict and broken, prolonged spells of depression and
self-imposed isolation, a deep respect for classical music, a somewhat
warped pop sensibility, and as much hope and idealism as I can muster
on my better days.

Perhaps, as someone once suggested to me, it is a music best suited
for rainy autumn-winter days, or for slitting one’s wrists, or for
falling in and out of love and philosophizing about life, or simply for
rolling around in your feelings like an Irish Wolfdog in the leaves of
a forest park.

In performance, I currently incorporate mechanized drums, whispered
vocals, synths, loopers, field recordings, poetry and a lot of guitars,
the latter of which are typically manipulated with bows, bottle caps,
glass rods, chopsticks, some love, some violence, and a handful of
derelict effects. Sometimes I perform by myself, sometimes my friends
join me.

Within the last year I released my debut album “A Maze and
Amazement”, an Acoustic EP, various remixes and collaborations, as well
as a split 7-inch. Outside of my bedroom studio, I also completed three
tours of New Zealand (two of them with a wonderful band), played some
exciting festivals, and was privileged enough to find people who helped
me put together three gorgeous music videos.

Having resolved to dedicate my life full-time to The Enright House,
I’m currently putting on the finishing touches to A Maze and
Amazement’s follow-up album, and, after moving back to Chicago in
February 2009, I plan on touring North America and Europe until I
either collapse or use up my remaining college trust fund. Whatever the
future might hold, there is no "plan b", only a life, which, from now
on, I plan to live fully.

My name, by the way, is Mark, and I would like to thank you for witnessing my existence.

Be strong, be gentle…

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