Cairo Knife Fight

Cairo Knife Fight

About Cairo Knife Fight from Auckland

Two musicians, one loop station, a synth and a couple of guitar amps can generate massive noise in the right hands.

Cairo Knife Fight is Nick Gaffaney, a man who has drummed his way around the place for many of our leading songwriters, and Aaron Tokona, the founder and front man of iconic rock group Weta.

They are the right hands we were talking about and, just like a rumble in a souk, they wield their instruments with hectic passion and in a dangerously free manner.

Honed down from the six piece crowd they began as, right now we are seeing a thrilling new Cairo Knife Fight emerge and Nick and Aaron have been in the studio cooking up some fearsome new material for their upcoming shows.

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Saw this Dynamic Duo at the Foo Fighers Christchurch relief concert last night. They were astounding.

Posted by Mariie anonymous 3 years ago

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