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Miho Wada

About Miho Wada from Auckland

Miho Wada was born in Tokyo, and grew up by the sea in Miyazaki, Japan and Christchurch, New Zealand. She started her musical training at the age of four on piano at the Yamaha School of Music, studied flute at the University of Canterbury, NZ and later at the Trinity College of Music, London. Her first job after leaving the college was with the National Orchestra of Malta in Valletta, though her creativity could not keep herself sitting on an orchestral chair.

Miho's talent was spotted by Nigel Kennedy at the Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club and she later performed jazz trio concerts with him in London and Malven. After that she started writing her original materials as well as playing Jazz, Latin, Salsa, Rock, Pop, Funk, Ska and other World Music. She worked as a session / sectional musician in London and toured around Europe with many different bands.

Miho discovered her passion for Cuban music in 2008 and she flew to Havana with her flute and suitcase. She trained under members of the Sierra Maestra and the Buena Vista Social Club in Havana, then flew to Santiago de Cuba and trained under Sones de Oriente and Kotumba members for two months.

In 2009 Miho recorded "The Passenger" with Iggy Pop for a series of TV adverts in which she played flute and piano. The ads later won the Grand Prix Prize at the Cannes Film Festival as well as several other awards around the world. She has also performed with Jarvis Cocker and toured around the world with the Ska Cubano, including performances on main stage at WOMAD festivals. During the tour of WOMAD festivals she was lucky enough to be mentored by Seun Kuti on saxophone.

On her return to New Zealand, Miho formed a 4 piece band based in Auckland, performing music she calls "Japanese Punk Jazz". Her music is unique in every way - with a mixture of beautiful Japanese melodies, quirky bilingual punk songs in catchy J-Pop style, sunny Pacific beats, clever Jazz chords and Cuban flute solos - bringing you the stunning mix of Asian and Pacific sounds.

Her Japanese Punk Jazz band took the world by surprise during the SXSW in Austin, Texas in March 2010 with Miho's quirky lyrics and explosive instrumental solos. The international debut of her music at SXSW immediately received offers from around the world, enabling the band to set off for their first World Tour only a few months later during July-August 2010.

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