Gigs and Tickets
Raised In Anger
Fri 24th March 2017, Valhalla, Wellington
Marcus Intalex Soulr
Fri 24th March 2017, Neck of the Woods, Auckland
Ghost Who Walks
Sat 25th March 2017, Bad Grannies, Wellington
Chamber Ensemble
Sun 26th March 2017, Leigh Sawmill Cafe, Leigh
Nahko And Medicine For The People
Sun 2nd April 2017, Studio the Venue, Auckland
Aroha Ensemble Plays Masterworks For String Trio
Thu 6th April 2017, Chamber Gallery, Rangiora
Psycred Alliance
Sat 8th April 2017, Two One Five, Auckland
Fri 5th May 2017, Caroline, Wellington
Sat 6th May 2017, REC, Auckland
Space Place Presents: Newtown Rocksteady In Dub
Sun 14th May 2017, Space Place at Carter Observatory, Wellington
Aroha Ensemble Plays Masterworks For String Trio
Thu 8th June 2017, 4th Wall Theatre, New Plymouth
Perception Vol3
Fri 9th June 2017, Suburbia, Dunedin
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