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New Zealand hardcore heavyweights Antagonist is back with new album: We Are The Dead and new name: Antagonist A.D.

ElevenfiftySeven is proud to be releasing the brand new full length album We Are The Dead on the 6th of October in both New Zealand and Australia via Melbourne label Trial & Error. This sophomore album follows 2006s’ celebrated release ‘These Cities, Our Graves’.

Antagonist A.D formed in late 2004 but after trading members & gaining direction a new redux saw the light the following year. 2005 was a dark year for New Zealand hardcore with prominent bands breaking up, crucial venues being lost & key promoters bowing out. Antagonist A.D pushed on and quickly made a name for themselves as an extremely hardworking band and breathing new life into the local hardcore scene.

Antagonist A.D’s music and message could be described as 'Modern hardcore with old school ethics'. It's raw metal core at its purest and sincerest. Not watered down or compromised in anyway Antagonist A.D delivers the frantic intensity of hardcore, while utilizing a heavier edge. Lyrically the band speaks of topics ranging from social & political commentary to the brutally honest self-retrospect and analysis. Simply Antagonist A.D words are full of venom, conviction & passion.

The band have toured New Zealand consistently playing along side such international bands as Hatebreed, Madball, Agnostic Front, Unearth, Comeback Kid, Throwdown and more, and local groups The Bleeders and Blindspott among others! They have played NZ's biggest music festival – Big Day Out 2008 playing the MAIN STAGE, as well as being the MAIN SUPPORT of 2007's Taste Of Chaos, they have headlined local hardcore festivals Killerfest ’07 (co headline with Parkway Drive) & '08 (co headline with Bleeding Through) as well as Hamtown Smackdown '06/'07 & '08. Antagonist A.D have traveled to Australia 6 times, touring with locals and internationals including Most Precious Blood, Have Heart, Parkway Drive and Carpathian.

‘Young energetic and killer' – Scott Kara, Time Out, NZ Herald

'Like the words, the music is to the point' – Dan Trevarthen, Real Groove Magazine.

“No Bullshit, no thrills, just heavy and uncompromising music that’ll kick your arse from here to Auckland if you give it a chance.” – Killyourstereo (AUS)

“…These guys are seriously worth it.” – Inpress Magazine (AUS)

“There is no pussy-footing around with these guys...” – Fasterlouder (AUS)




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I just saw that the Antagonist boy have been nominated in the Worlds Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of the Year at! I'm a big fan of theirs and I'm so happy to see they have a compassionate side for animals. Make sure you cast your vote for them here:
They apparently made the switch in diet because of the horrific conditions on factory farms where animals are raised for food as well as the devastating effect meat production has on the environment and the great health benefits of a meat free diet. Who knew!

Posted by Sarah88 4 years ago

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