Die! Die! Die!

Die! Die! Die!

About Die! Die! Die! from Dunedin

DIE! DIE! DIE! are a band from Auckland, Aotearoa.

Unrelenting, and uncompromising. Die! Die! Die! will hypnotise you with heaviness and convert you with their catchiness. - RIP IT UP Magazine

One of the sharpest, most magnetic bands around - REAL GROOVE MAGAZINE

Die! Die! Die! are the most exciting live band in New Zealand! - A LOW HUM (The NZ independent Music Press)

If you are able to be suspended mid-air in the middle of a fireworks display - it'd be like watching Die! Die! Die! - loud, exciting, kinetic,and probably a little un-safe. - Cheeseontoast.co.nz (The Auckland Live Music Zine)

Associated Labels
Flying Nun

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I'll be there, don't even worry about it bro

Posted by Jamal 4 years ago

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Looking forward to your new album!

Posted by undertheradar 4 years ago

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