Renee-louise Carafice

Renee-louise Carafice

About Renee-louise Carafice from Auckland

Renee-Louise Carafice’s particular brand of highly-charged emotional pop music raised critics’ interest with the 2008 release of her debut album “Renee-Louise Carafice Tells You to Fight!”
“I just don’t see the point of making music unless it makes people feel something real,” Carafice states. “The kind of music that’s just ‘yeah yeah yeah I love ya babyyyy’ just really misses what good pop music can do.”

“Carafice takes you in deep, not because she wants you to wallow in her pain, but because she has to show you where she has been in order to point the way through. The astonishing thing is that, for all its harrowing passages, the album ultimately offers comfort and solace.
But it is her melodies as much as her lyrics that can send a shiver. Sung in a voice alternately girlish and ancient, they start out like old folk tunes yet invariably make unexpected twists and turns.”

-New Zealand Listener.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Renee-Louise Carafice is releasing her second album, entitled “I Will Raise a Bird Army” in September of 2010.

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really enjoyed the interview on Music 101 last sat, but am bummed to not find it on radio nat site, wanted to pass the link to friends to listen too!
thanks for the music anyway, and for sharing your interesting life!

Posted by Ant anonymous 3 years ago

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Awesome, Renee-Louise! You've got some interesting tats, too! So you're in Nashville now. Good place for a great muso like you. I hope to do something along the lines of a 'one person band', too. Just can't get good people these days. (Well my opinion anyways.) Gotta get some more gear before I can get started. Who knows after that.

Levin xox

Posted by carrion park 3 years ago

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