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Death In The Future/Wisnierska - 7"

Death In The Future/Wisnierska

Midium Records


Death In The Future/Wisnierska 7"


Midium and The Kingsland Vinyl Appreciation Society present the debut 7 single from the band that have been able to share poster-space with Rage Against The Machine, Battles, Explosions In The Sky, and a tour with Jakob.

Recorded by producer extraordinaire David Holmes, Kerretta mash up a brooding mix of instrumental and atmospheric ambience, a driving rhythm section and guitar riffs to kill for.

Anyone who is a fan of Bailterspace or Isis should find joy within these 7 grooves. Each 7 is a totally different colour so is unique to each unit, has and exclusive b-side and free download codes!


    a)Death In The Future


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