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Gold Dust/Up To Eleven - 7"

Gold Dust/Up To Eleven

Round Trip Mars


Gold Dust/Up To Eleven 7"

Jefferson Belt Unitone HiFi

Even though Round Trip Mars started with a 12 release in 1999 this is in fact the first crisp 7 biscuit to be released on the label, and oh my good gosh, was it worth the wait.

On the A side Jefferson Belts sublime loungey dubsterpiece Gold Dust has been wrenched from the comfy environs of his Table Manners album given a vinyl edit, master and polish up and has come out sounding like a million bucks - and then some.

For the flipside Unitone HiFi return from what is officially the worlds longest smoko, to release their first new material, Up To Eleven in a decade. Its the old firm (Joost Langeveld, Stinky Jim and Angus McNaughton) back on the trail with a groove-laden upbeat dubwise scorcher, peppered with vocal samples specially recorded in Jamaica needless to say its already getting playlist love across the bNets, and drops and props from the overseas jocks.

Unitone HiFi blazed their own trail in the 90s with a slew of releases (Wickedness Increased, Rewound & Rerubbed and Boomshot) alongside European and local gig action, introducing NZ to the concept of a remix album and indulging in dancehall devotional, deep, dubbed out deviance long before it was fashionable and those sort of ridiculous terms became a byword for soulful BBQs and putting children to sleep. This 7 comes in a stamped cover in all the colours of the RTM rainbow (that are available in ink pads!)


    A. Jefferson Belt - Gold Dust
    B. Unitone HiFi - Up To Eleven

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