Howlaround - 12"


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Howlaround 12"

The Body Corporate

Forget about CDs and shitty quality downloads, Howlaround is only available on long-playing vinyl, and thatís the way The Body Corporate like it. This isnít some deliberately difficult and wilfully obscure move on their part, but the product of honest assessment about the music industry and what it means to be a working band in this post-record company era.

The members of The Body Corporate and their credit cards know full well that a vinyl LP represents a real investment in a band, rather than the shoddy cracked jewel cases and ripped and traded CDs populating second hand stores Ė not to mention that theyíre keen to buck the trend of lower and lower fidelity caused by low bitrate mp3s flying around the internet.

A weighty slab housed in the sort of intricate artwork only a twelve-inch sleeve can do justice, and packing the sort of punch that only an honest-to-god record can, Howlaround is the first vinyl-only album in New Zealand to come complete with unique download codes in each copy so listeners arenít forced to take their turntables to the spare room, beach, gymnasium, or anywhere else theyíre going to want to turn it up to eleven. Considerate, huh


    1. Bannerman Missive
    2. Everything Happens For A Reason
    3. Blue Star Line
    4. I Was Right After All
    5. Analogue Jets
    6. Breaking And Entering
    7. Bubblegum
    8. I Can Animate
    9. Low Song
    10. 55/55 Split

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