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Smoke & Mirrors - 12"

Smoke & Mirrors

Hellsquad Records


Smoke & Mirrors 12"

The Datsuns

The Datsuns release their brand new album “Smoke & Mirrors” on 2 October 2006. The band’s third album, “Smoke & Mirrors” at last establishes the breadth of what The Datsuns are about musically on record. Here is all the manic excitement of 2002’s debut “The Datsuns” with a bigger, bolder, more “classic” sound, but without losing touch with the trashy, poppy kicks of old. “Smoke & Mirrors” was written and produced by the band themselves with help from engineer Nick Abbott and mixer Cenzo Townshend.

The Datsuns have spent the last year beavering away , playing live and writing songs. For various reasons, including the fruitless search of a producer, the band had more time to write than they’d bargained for. By the end of 2005, they had amassed 40-odd songs and were itching to record them. “Smoke & Mirrors“, however, features just 10 tracks. “Waiting For Your Time To Come” is described by guitarist Christian as “Led Zeppelin meets the Who musically” while “Stuck Here For Days” (the title track of their ltd edition EP that came out in June) features slide guitar which was a first for the band as is the inclusion of gospel singers on the awesome stomping blues of “All Aboard” and the eighth minute, mind-blowing closing track “Too Little Fire“.


    1. Who Are You Stomping Your Foot For
    2. System Overload
    3. Waiting For Your Time To Come
    4. Stuck Here For Days
    5. Maximum Heartbreak
    6. All Aboard
    7. Such A Pretty Cruise
    8. Blood Red
    9. Emperor's New Clothes
    10. Too Little Fire

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