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Die! Die! Die!/HDU Split - 7"

Die! Die! Die!/HDU Split

Shoot The Freak Records


Die! Die! Die!/HDU Split 7"

Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! HDU

Two of the countries leading innovaters in noise/angular rock have teamed up in what can only be described as 'MAMMOTH' achievement, to release this limited edition 7 inch split.

The well known HDU which hail from the Flying Num alumni took fans by suprise last year when they released their new epic peice TUNGUSKA. Their track on this release STUPERMODEL picks up where they left off ond offers exciting glimpses their 2008 release METAMATHICS.

Die! Die! Die! who have been taking their sound to the world for the last few years offer up one of their live favourites BLUE SKIES. This explosive 3 peice (mostly from Dunedin)are often hailed as the savours of NZ rock.


    1.Stuper Model
    2.Blue Skies

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