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Emily - 12"



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Emily 12"

Shocking Pinks

Single lifted from their self-titled debut album. Bittersweet and vulnerable, 'Emily' is a hypnotic and moody song that tells the age-old story of longing, jealousy and heartache in Nick Harte's distinctive Shoeggaze style. It's one of the most personal moments on the record, with a beautiful and fragile overtone covering the rough layers of distortion and noise. Features two versions of 'Emily' (Main Version and Enhanced Video), 'Nothing Matters When We're Dancing', two versions of 'Cutout' (Expanding Head Version and Lee Douglas Remix) plus three versions of 'Dressed To Please' (Echospace Reduction, Deepchord Remix and Nathan Fake Remix). DFA.


    1. Cutout - Expanding Head Band Version
    2. Cutout - Lee Douglas Remix
    3. Dressed To Please - Echospace Mix
    4. Dressed To Please - Deepchord Reduction
    5. Dressed To Please - Nathan Fake Mix

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