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Form - 12"


Flying Nun


Form 12"

Die! Die! Die!

FORM is Die! Die! Die! like you have never heard. It is the album they always wanted to write, and the one you knew they would.
It calls upon all the parts, plus more, that make this band so exciting but never allows you to stop and put your finger on one. Whatever you call it, its relentless, reckless and sometimes menacing. It has all the ferocious energy and bursting melodies of their previous releases, and while it can tear through you one moment, it also shows a band trying on something different. It is a collision of sounds. It feels like a (r)evolution.

Much of the album was written while holed up during winter last year in Dunedin, and that city isn’t the only Flying Nun connection either, with FORM being produced and recorded by Nick Roughan from The Skeptics.

FORM still has plenty of the Die! Die! Die! style of cataclysmic punk, yet, with the help of Roughan, the band have also crafted a new, more densely layered sound combined with haunting melodies.


    1. Caseman
    2. Lil Ships
    3. How Ye
    4. Daze
    5. We Built Our Own Oppressors
    6. Paquin
    7. Shine Through
    8. Wasted lands
    9. Ht
    10. Frame

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