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We Built Our Own Oppressors / Lifeguard - 7"

We Built Our Own Oppressors / Lifeguard

Too Pure

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We Built Our Own Oppressors / Lifeguard 7"

Die! Die! Die! Friendship

This latest installment from the Too Pure singles club sees previous inductees to the club, our very own Die! Die! Die! and Friendship, both make returns to collaborate on a split release.

The idea behind the split came about when subscribers to the club were asked for their favourite releases thus far and with both bands polling very highly, it was decided they should do another 7 together. And here it is.

'We Built Our Own Oppressors' is the first single from Die! Die! Die!'s 2010 release 'Form'.

On the flip, Friendship follow up last year's debut single, 'The Graveyard Shift', with the jaunty afro rhythms of 'Lifeguard'.


    Side A.

    "We Built Our Own Oppressors" - Die! Die! Die!

    Side B.

    "Lifeguard" - Friendship

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