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No Constellation - 12"

No Constellation

Flying Nun


No Constellation 12"

Grayson Gilmour

Wellington-based musician Grayson Gilmour ‘s No Constellation is Flying Nun Records’ first release since it’s re-purchase by founder Roger Shepherd.

Written and performed (for the most part) by Gilmour over the course of 2009, the album was recorded in various locales from bedrooms to studios to his mum’s house. All up, No Constellation is a culmination of ideas built up over the last two-years - much of which Gilmour spent touring overseas with his other band So So Modern

From the impassioned highs of opener “Loose Change’ through to the epic chorus of ‘I Am A Light’ and the darkly moving ‘Oh Stasis’, the album is a beautifully crafted piece of orchestrated pop. Constantly shifting and challenging, No Constellation showcases Grayson’s songwriting talents at their best.


    1. Loose Change
    2. Chromosomes
    3. I Am A Light!
    4. Fire Downstairs
    5. Our Heads Collide
    6. Pearly Whites
    7. All Authenticity
    8. Circa Skeleton 31
    9. Gem Apple John
    10. Diamond Gutters, Mermaid Sewers
    11. Oh, Stasis

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