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Old Bones, Make New Blooms - 7"

Old Bones, Make New Blooms

No Label
TRIAL 091-7


Old Bones, Make New Blooms 7"

Antagonist A.D

In between a hectic international touring schedule Antagonist A.D deliver a taste of what the future holds for this hardworking, uncompromising modern hardcore band.

As the title eludes, 'Old Bones Make New Blooms' is somewhat the death & rebirth of Antagonist A.D.

Steering into a new direction both musically & lyrically the band's primary was to strip back all intentions and deliver something that is raw aggression but still ascertain the groove & connection that only five band mates can achieve.Lyrically contrasting, touching on historical & social subject, vocalist Sam Crocker describes it as 'easily the best lyrics I have written’. Adding another layer of depth and intrigue into their music & another step away from acts typical of their genre - 'Old Bones Make New Blooms' is an energetic & engaging listen.


    1. Homesick
    2. DWTS
    3. Same Old Story
    4. Europe
    5. Death Traders

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