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F**k The Golden Youth - 7"

F**k The Golden Youth

Flying Nun

Sold Out

F**k The Golden Youth 7"

The Mint Chicks

Note to those who attempt to rewrite social history to suit their own ordinary, conservative notions of reality: you don't have the first inkling of what's really going on. You never did, and you never will.

For the rest of us Shuffle the deck any which way, and the end result turns out the same: this time, it's for real.
F**k The Golden Youth is the first single from -- and title track of -- The Mint Chicks upcoming debut album, the whole deal self-produced in geographic isolation on a Northern beach in just one week. It's the first foray into the band's current aural immolation, and the usual rules simply don't apply. Forget everything you've been told, all you think you know. This is no run-through. It's on.

All that counts is that right now, we're ahead of the game; in the eye of the storm. This music could only have been made here and now. The Mint Chicks, in bypassing all the accepted mores of Great Ordinariness, have nothing to lose; nothing to prove; no reference points; no peers; no pretense. This is negation in its purest sense -- remember, revolution just goes round and round until it swallows it's own tail, but a clean slate offers infinite possibilities.

F**k The Golden Youth is hyper-intensity. A vertiginous perception-shift moving with the fluidity of dream logic which cannot be accurately contained or quantified, nor dissected by the strokes of a pen, nor destroyed by the swipes of a chainsaw.
F**k The Golden Youth: a message from the front. You really don't want to be left behind this time.


    1. F**k The Golden Youth
    2. Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!

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