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The Fanatics EP - 12"

The Fanatics EP

Capital Recordings


The Fanatics EP 12"

The Fanatics

CREV1210 - Released March 2005

Capitalrecordings is delighted to announce the release of their latest 12" vinyl offering, The Fanatics acclaimed debut mini-LP "The Fanatics" (CREV1210). As ever, this is a high quality 160gm pressing from our American vinyl manufacturers, with enough bass depth and treble hit to make you believe The Fanatics are there, throwing around mic stands and power chords off the Jazzmaster right in your lounge.

The Fanatics blend dark electronic beats and programmed bass lines with taut angular guitar, and a definite knack for bent pop lurking somewhere in the mix. The duo of David Green (vocals, programming) and Tom Clark (vocals, guitar) punch above their weight in numbers, proving there’s no need for a rhythm section when you have a laptop, a guitar and bouncing off the walls live energy.

The Fanatics EP was recorded and mixed by Dale Cotton at audioworkshop and Platform Studios between September 2003 and September 2004, and was released on CD format (CREC1025) by Capitalrecordings in November 2004. All of the songs written by Tom & David except the classic Snapper song, Buddy, which was written by Peter Gutteridge. (You can find the original version on their self-titled 1988 release through Flying Nun FN110)

Videos for Signals (directed by Simon Ward for $40!) and the NZOA-part funded Models (directed by Mark Albiston from Sticky Pictures for considerably more) are currently both still receiving airplay on Juice TV and C4. Two further NZOA-part funded videos for the tracks TV and Buddy will be on-screens in the coming months.

The Fanatics also recently completed a successful seven-date set of gigs in Sydney and Melbourne. As a result of an outrageously good performance at the Australian launch of New York-based “Vice” magazine, Models has also been included on the cover-mount CD of their May 2005 issue. They’re also off to Japan in late April to play live and record a ‘guerrilla-street-karaoke’ video for Buddy.


    01. TV
    02. Dead
    03. Buddy
    04. Models
    05. Calling
    06. Signal

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