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Measure Distance EP - CD

Measure Distance EP

Etch Recordings


Measure Distance EP CD

Test Erratic

Test Erratic are a dual guitar and drums band from Auckland New Zealand.

Forged from the ruins of Meterman and Xanadu, Test Erratic have reshaped in the vein of an all chaos attack band.

With unashamedly loud searing guitars and hypnotic drumming they stand true to their black and white approach to alternative music

Bruce Wurr (Cat Cat Cat, Xanadu, Tape, Mancini 500), Daryl Fincham (Meterman White On White Name:Uglyman) and Daniel Wilson (Meterman) throw out a noise rich debut, offering audible and inaudible glimpses on their take of the ‘noise guitar sound’.

Quietly released through Etch Recordings in NZ this CDEP is also available online through


Dan Wilson – Guitar Vocals
Bruce Wurr – Drums
Daryl Fincham – Guitar Vocals

Recorded by: Nich Cunningham
Mastered by: Dale Cotton

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    1. Measure Distance
    2. Urgency Emergency
    3. Tory

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