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Corpus Hermeticum

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Probably the best known New Zealand independent label, outside New Zealand anyway. Takes up where Xpressway left off, but the musical focus leans more completely towards improvisation than the earthy soul-baring of say Alastair Galbraith, Sandra Bell and Peter Jefferies. Artists include Omit, A Handful of Dust, Pieters/Russell/Stapleton, Sandoz Lab Technicians, the marvellous English band The Shadow Ring (actually I take back the not-being-earthy comment in their case) and the most "difficult" recordings by Flying Saucer Attack and Thurston Moore. This site has a online version of the most recent catalogue, which includes other labels of note such as Next Best Way (run by Alastair Galbraith), Metonymic and Medication (both run by Kim Pieters and Peter Stapleton) Run by Bruce Russell in Lyttelton.


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