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Gstar Music

Welcome to the Gstar Music page. Gstar Music is an indie record label based in Chicago, USA and Auckland, New Zealand. Gstar Music has American roots and international ties.

Gstar Music is currently seeking sponsors for Cyanide City's ( Cyanide in Your City Tour beginning January 2008 with various local city bands, and sponsors for Cyanide City's Midwest to Vegas Tour with On Tracy Lane( beginning mid February 2008. Please read our Sponsorship blog and then message us for more info on becoming a sponsor.

LOCAL USA BANDS!! If you are a band in the US and would like Cyanide City ( to play some shows with you then drop us a line here at Gstar Music. We are on a mission to drop some Cyanide rock in any city we can!

Gstar Music is owned by Ganelle Djarlo. Ganelle is an Americana female singer/songwriter. Ganelle is using her experiences and contacts she has gained over the years to help other artists and bands succeed in the music biz.


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