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A Net Label // Releasing digital audio & visual from the Pacific Rim

Psurkit is a platform (re)presenting the music and culture of New Zealand (Aotearoa)

Originally a dance party that turned into a mailing list, Psurkit's identity evolved in 2004 to become New Zealand's first podcast site and now 2009 a Net Label.

The first Psurkit party was held 1996. An off the wall glitch ridden techno meltdown then continued on to be a series events.

Circa 1999 Psurkit became a mailing list. It all went a bit rouge early in 2004 when list administrator made all post anonymous.

Later in 2004Psurkit became New Zealands first podcasting website. Making for a 10min spot onto TV1's Close Up.

Now in 2009 Psurkit has continued to evolve becoming a electronic net label that is connecting Techno artist on the Pacific Rim.

Tomorrow Psurkit will continue to be as a bastion New Zealand techno.


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