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Arch Hill Recordings

Arch Hill Recordings was born during 1998, in Arch Hill, central Auckland, New Zealand.

Arch Hill Recordings is first and foremost an outlet to support and promote good New Zealand music. The genre we are most closely associated with is New Zealand indie pop/rock. Arch Hill Recordings produces music that values innovation and experimentation, while also recognizing the significant tradition of independent and popular New Zealand music.

Acts who are involved in Arch Hill Recordings include Pine, David Kilgour, Fang, Ghostplane, David Mulcahy, Lanky, Dappled Cities Fly and Ben & Greta. There are also other projects underway.

If you are interested in Arch Hill Studios, who are -as our names suggest - connected with Arch Hill Recordings, let us know and we will get back to you about it.


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