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Live Review
Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly

Reviewed By
David Hine
29th March 2010


Paul Kelly
Tuesday 21st July 2009
The Montecristo Room

Paul Kelly is often referred to as the master of story telling, he's the guy who can make a deep and meaningful song out of little more than cleaning "other peoples houses".

This show was not at all what I’m accustomed to...for a start, I was the second youngest person there (other than my lady friend), it was seated and, in keeping with the spirit of Tuesday night, it was nice and quiet, smooth and subtly mixed (thank you sound man!).

Candles, tables, and glasses of red wine set the mood... while Paul and his nephew Dan Kelly delivered timeless stories which somehow related to every person in the room. It was in no way an assault on the senses, it was more like hopping into bed on a cold night into clean sheets only to find a nice warm bit where the cat had just been lying.

The low point of the evening was when I realized that I was going to have to watch "Pole Kelly" as my seat was unfortunately located... and to be honest, the person who setup the tables and chairs might have done well to create some sort of walk way for people... but if I was that worried about it, then I wouldn’t have had such a great time! Which I DID!

I highly recommend you buy this guys records, listen to his voice, and realize as I did, just how much better singers were before the dreaded 'auto tune' device became rack-mountable.

9 outta 10 (because i had to sit behind a pole)